Martha Kate’s Writing


  • My own personal blog is a blog about my recovery from my Eating Disorder and I wrote it to provide hope to others who are struggling with Eating Disorders. My blog showcases my talent to convey my own personal struggles in a story format. The blog demonstrates my writing abilities on a creative and storytelling level and allows readers to see this struggle through my own personal lens.

Look at my blog here:


  • This is my own story written for TCU’s school paper. This article displays why Eating Disorder Recovery and Awareness matters to me. Not only does this article demonstrate how important I believe recovery is it in addition demonstrates my writing ability to compose a news article on a critical issue. This article showcases my talent to be able to write about an issue that is important to me from a newsworthy prospective.

View the article here:


  • This paper was written for my Women in Literature class at TCU and showcases my knowledge and interest in gender studies, specifically relating to Girl Culture. In this paper my analytical writing skills can be shown in the manner that I address the Girl Culture of America. I demonstrate my ability to address a serious issue in our society and use facts and statistics to back up my comprehensive research.

View my paper here:  Women in Literature Final Project


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